"You and a friend go 50/50 on a new business. You do all the work. He still owns 50% for doing nothing. Now what?"

Slicing Pie provides a simple and fair way to divide up equity in early stage companies.

Grunt Fund Agreements

One of the most frequent questions I get is where Grunts can find legal agreements and Grunt Fund-Friendly Lawyers. Two of the best can be found right here on this site!

Get a General Slicing Pie Agreement

Get an LLC Operating Agreement template with Grunt Fund rules built in

If you have a lawyer who wants to learn more, please send them my way. Above all, do not let your lawyer talk you out of a Grunt Fund. There are absolutely no legal or tax issues that can’t be easily addressed. If they are concerned about the model it is most likely because they don’t fully understand it!

Free Sample!


Get a free sample of Slicing Pie and see for yourself the benefits of a Grunt Fund

Grunt Fund Spreadsheet

To help you form your very own Grunt Fund, I have created an Excel spreadsheet that calculates slices of pie based on the model in the book. Click the Grunt below for more information.

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