Dutch Translation of Slicing Pie

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For those of you who are tired of reading Slicing Pie in English and don’t have time to learn Chinese, you can look forward to the upcoming Dutch version! Excited to meet @Clogish & @yspeert and learn about the upcoming Dutch translation of the #SlicingPieBook @mikemoyer — DutchBasecamp (@DutchBasecamp) August 29,...

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Pie Slicer Update August 10, 2014

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Thank you very much for your feedback on our Pie Slicer beta program. We have been reviewing feedback and making adjustments where practical. Some suggestions were great, but not practical/possible given the current structure of the program. Based on your feedback the following upgrades have been performed so far: Support for HH:MM time format on time contributions Immediate Update of contribution table and the summary without page reload. Supports bulk contribution deletion Dynamic height for contribution forms to support larger...

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Slicing Pie in Amsterdam

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The Slicing Pie model is taking off all over the world with startups who want to make their equity split fair. Entrepreneurs in local markets are helping others better understand how the model works in their location from a legal and tax standpoint. For more information about the group in Amsterdam vising  Here is a Slicing Pie Meetup Group in London  (please add your email address to the UK list here: Here is a link to the Chinese translation  If you want to be the Slicing Pie go-to person in your country...

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Slicing Pie Available in Chinese

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I’m happy to announce that Slicing Pie is now available in Chinese. It is available on and Other translations are in the...

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Pie Slicer Beta Test

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We’ve been working hard to develop an online tool for tracking contributions from various Grunts. The new site will calculate pie and keep track of everything include cash investments using the “Well” structure as described in the book which converts cash to slices when it’s spent, not when it’s invested. If you would like to become a beta tester for the software please complete the form below: BETA SIGNUP IS NOW CLOSED- I have enough testers! Thank you for your...

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Equity Splits at Stanford University

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Here is a presentation I gave about perfectly fair equity splits at Stanford University:

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New Book Cover Feedback Survey & Drawing

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I’m working on a new book about how to deliver a persuasive pitch or presentation and I would like your feedback on the title of the book and the cover design. I have two ideas 1) Dog & Pony and 2) Pitch Ninja. Please take a look at these two options and answer the questions below. Respondents have the option to enter a drawing for a free copy of the book when its ready. Thank you, in advance, for your...

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Slicing Pie Webinar Recording

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Below is the recording for the Slicing Pie webinar from March 12 covering the basics of a Grunt Fund along with some Q&A- thank you to all who attended! There is a little lag time, the audio actually starts at 9:08!

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Slicing Pie on Illinois Business Week

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Slicing Pie on Illinois Business this Week 2/21/14 from Perfect Cut Productions on Vimeo.

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Human Resource ABCs

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Many managers think of their employees as “A, B or C” employees. In some cases, companies actually get rid of “C” employees on a regular basis. I’ve never seen anyone actually define what it means to be an A, B or C employee so I took it upon myself to outline how I think it breaks down: A employee- takes the company forward in a meaningful way. Goals are benchmarks, not the end game. Puts the needs of the overall business first with an understanding that personal rewards follow corporate gains. Bolster’s team spirit through...

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