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The following topics can be covered in either seminar (45 minutes – 1.5 hours) or workshop (up to 3 hours) format. Workshop formats include deeper exploration in to certain subjects, additional content, worksheets and planning exercises. In some cases print copies of related books and workbooks are available.

Slicing Pie

You and a partner go in “50/50” on a new business. You do all the work, he owns half the company. Now what? Slicing Pie outlines a simple method for dividing equity in an early stage company that tells you exactly the right number of shares for each participant. All other methods of dividing up equity create problems- all of them. Slicing Pie gives you a way to acquire the things you need to build your business without cash. This is the perfect seminar for anyone who wants to start their own company. Based on the book Slicing Pie, by Mike Moyer.

Trade Show Samurai

Most trade show books, seminars and consultants tell you how to pick the show, set up a booth and get everyone organized. Trade Show Samurai, however, teaches you what to do in the booth to turbo-boost your success. Using the Four Core Arts of the Trade Show Samurai; including engagement, intrigue, inquiry and disengagement, your company will capture more leads than you ever thought possible. Achieving a 1000% increase in lead capture is par for the course. This seminar is well-suited for anyone who exhibits at trade shows. Often attended by beginners, it is also a huge eye-opener for seasoned professionals. Based on the book, Trade Show Samurai, by Mike Moyer.

The Super-Awesome Presentation Zone Program

There is a lot more to giving a good business presentation that a slick PowerPoint deck. The Super-Awesome Presentation Zone Program teaches business people how to properly “choreograph” their presentation for incredible impact. Attendees will learn about everything from proper eye contact to the right tone of voice to what to do with your hands in each of three presentation “zones” including intimacy, excitement and information. This seminar is ideal for entrepreneurs, sales people or anyone who gives formal presentations to a business audience.

Guts, Brains and Balls

Good brands appeal to the customers emotions (guts) first, but are backed up with logic (brains). Far too many brands mistakenly try to appeal to logic first making them unmemorable and vulnerable to competition. However, sticking to an emotional-first message can be difficult. Learn what it takes (balls) to stick to an emotional brand message and why companies that do enjoy higher profits and insulation from competitive threats. This seminar is great for business leaders, marketing managers and entrepreneurs.

Better is Boring

College admissions officers have seen it all and “better” bores them. The real edge in college admissions comes from a student’s ability to differentiate themselves from their peer group. Learn what goes on behind the scenes in the college admissions department and the secrets to improving your odds, even for average students. Based on the book How to Make Colleges Want You, by Mike Moyer.