Interview with the Growing Entrepreneur with Dave Goodwin

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Below is a podcast interview with Dave Goodman from the Growing Entrepreneur. Click here to view his post on and a complete transcript of the interview.

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The Slicing Pie Presentation Deck

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Here are my most recent (December 2014) presentation slides for Slicing Pie. I update them from time to time! Perfect Equity Splits for Startup Companies from Mike...

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Mike Moyer on Inspired Insider

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I was happy to be interviewed on Inspired Insider by Jeremy Weisz. For those interested in a little back story!

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Fair & Square

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While Slicing Pie is my definitive guide to dynamic equity splits, I’ve written a new book, called Fair & Square, that provides a more condensed description of the model and doubles as a user guide to the online Pie Slicer application. If you would like to read a beta copy of the book, you may get one below at a reduced price in exchange for your feedback. The quantity of beta copies is capped so if the link below doesn’t work….sorry! $5.00 – Buy the Beta Checkout Added to...

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The Awkward Conversation

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In Slicing Pie, I refer to the “awkward conversation” that founder’s have about equity splits. The equity split negotiation is often the first major “deal” that founder’s do. I call them Alligator Pit negotiations. There are less-than alligators, who are are people who get less than what they deserve, and greater-than alligators, who are people who get more than they deserve. People approach equity negotiations the same way they approach alligator pits: with fear, caution and a keen interest towards self-preservation. This podcast, produced by Alex...

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Dutch Pie

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Slicing Pie is now available in Dutch thanks to Monique Wolters, Nick Stevens, Jolien Marinus, Marloes Pomp, Jeroen Sprangers and Arjan Yspeert. Thank you all very much for your hard work!

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