Slicing Pie in 12 Slides

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Here is my attempt to explain Slicing Pie in as few slides as possible:

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An Infographic for Perfect Equity Splits

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Interview with the Growing Entrepreneur with Dave Goodwin

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Below is a podcast interview with Dave Goodman from the Growing Entrepreneur. Click here to view his post on and a complete transcript of the interview.

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The Slicing Pie Presentation Deck

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Here are my most recent (December 2014) presentation slides for Slicing Pie. I update them from time to time! Perfect Equity Splits for Startup Companies from Mike...

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Mike Moyer on Inspired Insider

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I was happy to be interviewed on Inspired Insider by Jeremy Weisz. For those interested in a little back story!

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Fair & Square

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While Slicing Pie is my definitive guide to dynamic equity splits, I’ve written a new book, called Fair & Square, that provides a more condensed description of the model and doubles as a user guide to the online Pie Slicer application. If you would like to read a beta copy of the book, you may get one below at a reduced price in exchange for your feedback. The quantity of beta copies is capped so if the link below doesn’t work….sorry! $5.00 – Buy the Beta Checkout Added to...

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