The Grunt Fund Calculator

Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in A La Mode | 25 comments

To help you form your very own Grunt Fund, I have created an Excel spreadsheet that calculates slices of pie based on the model in the book.

The video below provide a quick explanation on using the calculator.

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  • Troy Westley

    ‘Slicing Pie’ is fantastic because it is fair and makes sense and avoids the mistakes of splitting too early. I read the book last week and our team is now slicing pie using this model. Thanks a lot. Troy Westley, CEO CareMonkey.

  • John Warren

    Saw the video having run into (showstopper) issues with division of value in the past. This model is respectably comprehensive without being burdensome. I have bought the book and look forward to more insights through it.

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  • scott

    I really like the slicingpie approach as an angel investor I have just helped an early stage investor unwind their shareholding in an approach similar (less well developed) as slicingpie. Thanks for sharing your insights and methods it will save SO many early ventures. I will share the magic with my networks. Scott

    • Mike Moyer

      Thanks for your comment, Scott!

  • Will Young

    Thanks Mike, this is really useful. A friend in SF got us onto your book and it makes a lot of sense. Having this calculator helps bring the concept into reality really nicely. Thank you.

    • Mike Moyer

      Thanks Will! I’m glad you liked it. Be sure to thank your friend for me!

  • Corey Hubbard

    Great read!

  • David Worrell

    Great book… and a cool calculator too. You should be charging $500 bucks for this! The insight alone is worth ten times that.

    • Mike Moyer

      Hi David, I’m sure we can work something out….!

  • Carl Lewis

    Halfway done

  • Aaron

    great tool, saved me 90 minutes, thanks Mike!

    • Mike Moyer

      Glad you liked it!

  • Sonya Davis

    This is super helpful! Saves us a ton of time!

  • Nana

    Great book Mike, lifesaver!

  • Leigh Pember

    Hey Mike, this is a nice idea. But why is the WE day a Wednesday?

    • Leigh Pember

      Oh wait, I see the formula is taking the start date from C3…but I thought you explained that as the start date of the Grunt, not the company. With this method each employee would have a different WE making it hard to tally weekly hours put into the project. I am sure you have a reason

  • Siam Mosharraf Hossain

    Just loved it Mike. You are a visionary.

  • Septi Utami

    Dear Mr. Moyer i’ve read you’re free sample book but at some point i feel confused. because actually i found your theory when our business has started and the agreement has been made. but still thanks for your sharing Mr. Moyer

  • Jonathan Bonnick

    My co-founder has suggested I make a loan to get our new company started, that will start to be returned once the company is trading profitably in 6-12 months. I’m unsure how to plug this into the calculator (versus a simple cash-for-equity deal). Any suggestions?

    • Kristopher Dick

      Loans are covered in the book. Ver 2.3 of the Paperback edition: page 75 (Chapter 3: Creating a Grunt Fund, Section Heading: Loans and Credit). You may expect your principle + agreed upon interest, but no pie unless something goes awry.

  • Patricia O’Sullivan

    I have mentored many tens of entrepreneurs where this spreadsheet might have saved their company when the inevitable fall-out over something unforeseen happened. I will be encouraging every entrepreneur I know to read the Slicing Pie book and at the very least use this spreadsheet. As for myself, I will be signing up for the new Slicing Pie app :)

  • reastes

    I saw Mike present this in Brisbane last week. This is one of the most exciting entrepreneur tools I’ve seen in the last 10 years. Careful thought has gone into executing this. I won’t start another business without it.

  • Kent Harrington

    Just listened to the book on a drive from Houston to Baton Rogue and back, life saver!!

    • Mike Moyer

      Great! Say “hi,” to Houston for me!

      • Kent Harrington

        Will do, though the heat and humidity are brutal these days. I just finished briefing my starting team on the Pie Slicing and showed the chart. All have completely bought into, thanks Mike!!