The Grunt Fund Calculator

Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in A La Mode | 15 comments

To help you form your very own Grunt Fund, I have created an Excel spreadsheet that calculates slices of pie based on the model in the book.

The video below provide a quick explanation on using the calculator.

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  • Troy Westley

    ‘Slicing Pie’ is fantastic because it is fair and makes sense and avoids the mistakes of splitting too early. I read the book last week and our team is now slicing pie using this model. Thanks a lot. Troy Westley, CEO CareMonkey.

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  • Will Young

    Thanks Mike, this is really useful. A friend in SF got us onto your book and it makes a lot of sense. Having this calculator helps bring the concept into reality really nicely. Thank you.

    • Mike Moyer

      Thanks Will! I’m glad you liked it. Be sure to thank your friend for me!

  • Corey Hubbard

    Great read!

  • David Worrell

    Great book… and a cool calculator too. You should be charging $500 bucks for this! The insight alone is worth ten times that.

    • Mike Moyer

      Hi David, I’m sure we can work something out….!

  • Carl Lewis

    Halfway done

  • Aaron

    great tool, saved me 90 minutes, thanks Mike!

    • Mike Moyer

      Glad you liked it!

  • Sonya Davis

    This is super helpful! Saves us a ton of time!

  • Nana

    Great book Mike, lifesaver!

  • Leigh Pember

    Hey Mike, this is a nice idea. But why is the WE day a Wednesday?

    • Leigh Pember

      Oh wait, I see the formula is taking the start date from C3…but I thought you explained that as the start date of the Grunt, not the company. With this method each employee would have a different WE making it hard to tally weekly hours put into the project. I am sure you have a reason

  • Siam Mosharraf Hossain

    Just loved it Mike. You are a visionary.

  • Septi Utami

    Dear Mr. Moyer i’ve read you’re free sample book but at some point i feel confused. because actually i found your theory when our business has started and the agreement has been made. but still thanks for your sharing Mr. Moyer